New puppy? Elderly dog needing more care? Dogs needing walking?
I offer a variety of services catering for dogs of all sizes and ages.

  • Home visits to let your dog outside and give necessary care.

  • Home visits or collection for individual or group walks.

  • Home visit and collection for veterinary visits.

  • Medication visits.

As well as dogs and cats, I am happy to care for, and have experience with, a wide range of animals, from rabbits to ferrets and birds. For cats, small animals and birds, most people require home visits. These visits are ideal to check your pet is fit and well, and also to feed, medicate, and check water. 

I always welcome enquiries if you have a specific care plan for a pet, and my visits are tailor-made to suit the needs of you and your pet.


If you're going away and want someone to make visits to feed, care and check your cat/s, I offer a custom-made visit plan. Cats become stressed very easily, so the peace of mind of having your cat/s cared for in their home environment is ideal when taking holidays.

  • Home visits for general care and checks on your cat/s.

  • Home visits and collection for veterinary visits.

  • Medication visits.


Been a horse owner myself, there are times when you need someone to care for your horse/s. This may be turning out, mucking out and feeding. I also offer an exercise service in addition to the visit.

  • Home visits to care and muck out horses.

  • Exercise service.

  • Medication visits.


Even small furries need close and personalised care and attention, so when you go on holiday, do so knowing that rabbits, ferrets, or other small and loved furries get all the care they need.

  • Home visits to clean, feed and check your small furry.

  • Home collection for veterinary visits.

  • Medication visits.


I have customers with chickens, ducks  and other birds who require my services. This enables you to go away knowing they will be looked after very well.


  • Home visits to clean, feed, check and secure your  bird/s.

  • Home collection for veterinary visits.

  • Medication visits.